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San Pedro de Macoris history  

San Pedro de Macoris history overview

San Pedro de Macoris history strats with the nautical discoveries of Christopher Columbus in the 1490s and the decision of Spain to establish a landed empire in the Caribbean after 1502.

For San Pedro de Macoris history these events initiated a process that is still ongoing in the area.

Two generations more than sixty-six per cent of the people living in the newly-created Spanish towns as well as in San Pedro de Macoris were mixtures between the conquering Spanish and African invaders and the subject populations.

Mixing of any sort remains a notable San Pedro de Macoris history characteristic.


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San Pedro de Macoris history resources

Since 1930s and '40s San Pedro de Macoris history, travelers have regarded San Pedro de Macoris as one of the most alluring of the Caribbeans.

Its beaches and carnal red sunsets regularly appear in the sort of tourist brochures that promise paradise.

Tourists enjoy today a pice of San Pedro de Macoris history, experiencing the three “pilons” - reggae, reefers and rum.

When looking for the San Pedro de Macoris history, perfect places to design your dream vacation in, these descriptions may provide just what you need.



Other about San Pedro de Macoris  

San Pedro de Macoris history - learn what once happend

San Pedro de Macoris, located a one hour's drive east of Santo Domingo, was founded in the late 19th century by Cubans who were fleeing their country's War of Independence. They brought their extensive sugar cane farming knowledge and contributed to making the sugar industry the most important economic activity in this area. The city reached its peak during the first quarter of this century when sugar production enjoyed high prices on the international market as a result of the First World War. Many Europeans settled here, creating quite a cosmopolitan urban center. There was even a time when the port enjoyed more commercial activity than Santo Domingo's. A decline in sugar prices and destruction from Hurricane Georges in 1998 put the area down for a time but it has since experienced resurgence. Today San Pedro de Macors is a city of approximately 125,000 inhabitants and enjoys a very bustling Malecn (Oceanside boardwalk). The city has a renowned university, Universidad Central del Este , and an undisputed contribution to Major League Baseball. This town and its surrounding area have supplied the greatest number of Major League players in the world. The winter league games, held November through February, are a huge attraction at the local stadium, Estadio Tetelo Vargas .



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